Next-generation SPARCfx System

Fujitsu had a surprisingly in-depth presentation on their next-generation SPARC64 platform, the successor to the current FX10 line. This will include notable features like 1TF sustained performance per socket, and the use of Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube instead of DDR.

Presentation title
Design goal - improving efficiency
Overview of post-FX10 boards
Overview of post-FX10 chassis
Reliability considerations for post-FX10 systems
VISIMPACT autopar system
Key hardware technologies for post-FX10 systems
Tofu2 interconnect
Discussion of Hybrid Memory Cube in post-FX10 systems
Summary of post-FX10 uarch
New post-FX10 SIMD extension
Power considerations of SIMD
Improved OoO and branch prediction
Chassis prototype hardware
CPU/RAM board prototype hardware (note the HMC chips)
Fujitsu HPC roadmap

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